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Wedding Ceremonies - Microphone & Music Services
Appearance: For ceremonies, we've always believed in the fact "we should be heard and not seen." This way we don't detract from the elegance of the wedding ceremony setting. We set up early, remain discreet and still help create a beautiful ceremony with our music.

Best Value: You receive both microphone and music services for a low cost as compared to hiring live musicians and then having to rent a separate sound system to mic the people speaking.

Live Musicians: If you have already hired live musicians, we will work with them if they need mic'd and we will supply mics for the people speaking to help capture all the neccessary things that need a little amplification.
Why use a DJ for a wedding ceremony?

There may be many considerations, such as space, variety of music, cost, event flow and versatility. For non-church ceremonies, a DJ has become a very popular alternative for many reasons.

We encourage you to have a DJ for your ceremony for these seven simple reasons...

Microphones: We mic the groom and the officiant (the brides voice carries into the grooms mic). Yes, you have all your family and friends at your wedding, they want to hear what is being said at your ceremony. It is very important to mic the people with speaking roles. We take care of this so all your guests can be engaged in the ceremony.

Background Music: also known as prelude music. We play 30 minutes of your choice of background music prior to the start of the your ceremony creating a the mood and atmosphere you desire.

Music Selections: We have a vast music library that will accomdate virtually everyone. We play your choice selections for events such as Parents Seating, Candle Lighting, Groomsmen & Groom Entrance, Bridesmaids Entrance, Bride's Entrance, Registry Signing, Recessional.

Timing: Playing the right song at the right time at the right volume is the only way, this is what we do to help ensure your ceremony goes as planned.